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Orthopedic conditions

The rehabilitative services you need following orthopedic surgery are often just as important as the procedure itself. Research shows that in-home recovery is not only more comfortable for patients but also more cost-effective, and most importantly, can result in better outcomes. Our care team brings expert rehabilitation services to you so you can recover and reclaim your independence.

We can help you

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Begin in-home care shortly after discharge

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Get hands-on nursing and therapy in the comfort of your home

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Rebuild strength and independence

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Prevent avoidable complications

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Better understand your medication regimen

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Reduce unnecessary trips to the hospital

Our specialty program

We begin our care before you leave the hospital. Our care team will speak with you to get a clear picture of your home environment and what needs you may require. Once you return home, we’ll work with you, your loved ones and your surgeon to develop a care plan that’s tailored to your individual needs. Our skilled nurses and therapists will provide evidence-based rehabilitative care designed to help you achieve the best results in the comfort of your own home, so you can get back to doing the things you enjoy.

Is our program for you? 

  • Are you over 65? 
  • Are you planning to undergo or have you recently undergone joint replacement surgery? 
  • Have you had a recent fracture or surgery? 
  • Do you suffer from hip, knee, shoulder or other joint-related pain? 
  • Do you suffer from osteoarthritis or osteoporosis? 
  • Do you have a history of fractures? 
  • Do you have a history of spine-related issues or surgeries?  
  • Do you require rehabilitative care and services such as physical or occupational therapy? 
  • Do you have difficulty with daily activities?

If you answered yes to two or more of these questions, our orthopedics program could be for you. Speak with your primary or specialty health care provider or talk to one of our nurses 24/7 to discuss your options. 

Find care near you

James’ story 

Learn how Kindred at Home continued James care at home after bilateral knee replacement surgery. 

When I was able to go home, Kindred at Home was there. And I didn’t have to worry about anything. And that made me feel better.

— Rita L., Community Care Patient

Sometimes, when you’re going through a struggle, the mental stress is worse than the physical stress. Kindred at Home helps. You can actually sit and talk to them, and they will really listen to you. They listen to everything you say.

— Linda A., Home Health Patient

Knowing that they’re professionals and that this is their job, that gives you confidence that they’re going to be able to take care of you. I have been a nurse for 39 years. I have seen things in a lot of different situations, and I can say that Kindred at Home really cares about their patients and the quality of care that they give.

— Nancy W., Home Health Patient

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Frequently asked questions

Home health is skilled clinical care ordered by a health care providerThese services might include things like nursing, physical therapy and occupational therapy and are designed to help you manage your condition and regain your independence after illness, injury or surgery.

Personal home care assistance involves non-clinical services, such as help around the house, transportation, bathing and light meal preparation. 

Personal home care is often needed alongside home health services, and we can help coordinate the two levels of care. A limited number of your personal home care hours may be covered by Medicare while you’re receiving clinical in-home care, but it’s generally paid separately or covered by private insurance or other government programs.

Home health may be covered 100% by Medicare for those who qualify, and we accept most forms of insurance. Part of the admission process includes verification of insurance. Our team is happy to help answer your financial and insurance questions. You can contact us here. 

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