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Diabetes conditions

Living with diabetes or a prediabetes diagnosis can seem daunting, but it doesn’t need to be. With daily physical activity, effective medication and a healthy eating plan, you can not only manage your diabetes but thrive with it.

We can help you

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Choose a healthy diet and activities

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Monitor your blood glucose

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Take medication, insulin and injectables

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Reduce risks of complications

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Confidently solve day-to-day problems

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Reduce unnecessary trips to the hospital

Our specialty program

Through our specialty program, Daily Difference with Diabetes, we provide you with assistance, education and coaching to help you learn the skills to confidently manage your blood glucose levels and reduce your risk of short- and long-term complications. We also empower you with information and resources designed to help you make daily changes to improve your overall health and well-being. We tailor our education to your unique needs and share your progress with your health care provider.

Is our program for you? 

  • Do you have diabetes? 
  • Are you struggling with reaching your daily glucose goals?  
  • Are you new to medication, insulin or injectables? 
  • Is your blood glucose not improving despite doing your best efforts to manage it? 
  • Are you dealing with diabetes-related complications such as neuropathy, visual disturbances or wounds? 

If you answered yes to two or more of these questions, our diabetes program could be for you. Speak with your physician or speak to one of our nurses to discuss your options.  

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Frequently asked questions

Home health is skilled clinical care ordered by a health care providerThese services might include things like nursing, physical therapy and occupational therapy and are designed to help you manage your condition and regain your independence after illness, injury or surgery. 

Personal home care assistance involves non-clinical services, such as help around the house, transportation, bathing and light meal preparation. 

Personal home care is often needed alongside home health services, and we can help coordinate the two levels of care. A limited number of your personal home care hours may be covered by Medicare while you’re receiving clinical in-home care, but it’s generally paid separately or covered by private insurance or other government programs. 

Home health may be covered 100% by Medicare for those who qualify, and we accept most forms of insurance. Part of the admission process includes verification of insurance. Our team is happy to help answer your financial and insurance questions. You can contact us here.

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